“ekamsikh” is a Mobile App, both for Android & iOS phones, which connects Global Sangat, Physical Gurdwaras,
Kirtan / Katha Jathas, Gurdwaras related services,
Pins Gurdwaras on Maps for ease to find, LIVE Kirtan, Gurbani Paath, Religious Tours & much more.... using Internet Technology.

Please download “ekamsikh” Mobile App & get connected to Global Sangat


Centralizing Panthak Initiatives Globally, using Mobile App Technology.


To Bring Global Sangat on One Common Platform.


“ekamsikh” Mobile App was launched in 2017 & has been gradually increasing its visibility Globally.

As of Today we are

  • More than 1000+ Gurdwaras on the App Globally already
  • 550+ Kirtan / Katha Jathas folders created
  • 10000+ Sangat attached to the common platform Globally (Android + iOS + social media)
  • A Children Special edition of Videos, focusing very young kids to listen to our
    Sikh Heritage / Gurus / Warriors / Gurbani quotes narrated by Children of their age.
  • LIVE telecast feature connecting Sangat to any Gurdwara of the world of their choice, made available
  • Gurbani Paath now available in Read/Listen/ Watch medias for Sangat
  • Physical location of Gurdwara Sahab made easy for Sangat to locate nearby Gurdwaras
  • Interconnecting Gurdwaras of the same state, for internal & Sangat communication.
  • Special focus on Kirtan / Katha / Kavita Jatha on the "ekamsikh" App.



  • Easy access rights given to each Gurdwara Management
  • Committee to Broadcast LIVE – Kirtan / Katha from the App, from their respective Gurdwaras.
  • No charges.
  • Sangat can follow Gurdwaras of choice.

Locate Gurdwaras

  • Sangat can Pin Gurdwaras near to their homes or while they travel across the world, bring them on the App.
  • While traveling Globally it is difficult to locate Gurdwara Locations/names.
  • This App will helps Sangat/Raagi Jathas etc… reach Gurdwara destination easily.


  • Daily Gurbani Paath in form of Audio/Video/Read files for Simran if you are travelling / on the move.

Kirtan Katha Hall

  • Global Kirtan / Katha Jathas can be available for their recorded Audios / Video content.
  • Sangat can easily search for & listen/watch Gurbani.
  • Future, Sangat can also follow the Jathas for their next Kirtan Samagams.

Children Special

  • Special effort to align our Children to Gurbani.
  • Videos prepared by EkamSikh Team to let kids know Sikh History through Children of their age.


  • Jantri is available on a click as a soft copy to Sangat Globally.

Coming Soon

Religious Tour

  • Brings Global religious tours travel vendors on one platform


  • Global Sikh Forums can showcase their initiatives.


  • Sikh Summer/other Camps globally on common junction.

Donate Gurdwaras

  • Donate online to any Gurdwara Globally via App.

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